Outdoor terraces are other special unique hall spaces available at Rymba Haven which provide a serene ambience by the pool with its water features and remote controlled motorized blinds that give shade from the sun and the rain.

Anjung Seri Menanti

Named after the owner’s hometown, Anjung Seri Menanti measures at 1890 square feet easily caters to fill 15 round tables and it is suitable for small and medium group to dine. It is walled by remote control motorised blinds which will be turned down upon rainy and sunny days. It is scenically built next to the swimming pool at a slightly raised level overlooking the main street approaching Nilai Perdana.

Anjung Seri Beringin

The twin of Anjung Seri Menanti, Anjung Beringin also measuring at 1890 square feet caters the same size of participants with a different persona. The panoramic view of green calamansi fields along with the light bulbs from the PLUS KL-SEREMBAN highway by nights and with Labu’s quarry as its background is the strength of Anjung Beringin’s terrace.